Top 8 Components for Earning Online

8 Things to Make More Money as a Blogger

As you know, it’s not just enough to rank high and get traffic from search engines. You have to have something of value on your site. Good content is one thing, but keeping people’s interest is another. Therefore, you also need the tools for planning out your site’s content (i.e. in-depth keyword research and analysis) along with a strategy for using them.

So here the are Top 8 Components for earning from a website in 2019 and long into the future… I’ve used these tips to help generate hundreds of thousands of dollars from the internet. I see no reason you can’t do the same.

#1 – Good Keywords Are Like Gold

Finding the perfect keywords to target in your niche is like alchemy…turning lead into gold.

What you need to do is to find the keywords that will bring in the traffic … the exact keywords surfers are actively searching for.

And if you’re out to get free search engine traffic, then that means you need to uncover a lot of keywords and write content related to those. Put those keywords in your articles. Write content around them (or have some ghostwritten).

You’d be surprised how much traffic a single good, keyword focused article can bring to your site done the right way.

Build your site’s navigation around your keyword research. Plan ahead and you’ll come out much further than by taking recycled articles and placing them on your site.

#2 – Your Own Niched Email List Is An Asset That Will Pay You Over And Over…

No matter how you get traffic to your site, the last thing you want is for visitors to come to your site, leave and forget about it.

The way to keep them coming back is to start building a list. Even if all you’re doing is building adsense or affiliate sites, you should really think about collecting names. When your site starts getting visitors, you could easily multiply your profits just by having a list.

I’m not suggesting immediately ask for an opt-in with nothing to offer first. You can generate your list a variety of ways, but for all of them having good, unique content on your site available free is only going to help you out.

#3 – Give Your Prospects Compelling Reasons To Enter Their Email Address

The days when you can just put a link on your site saying “sign up for our free newsletter” are long gone in many markets.

Obviously, building an email list requires a more sophisticated approach in our modern, competitive, offer-filled, freebie-filled internet.

Squeeze pages are found to be annoying to searchers (and search engines alike) so you’re going to have to put in a little more work. If you’re really serious about building a list you need to provide your prospects with good content first and then entice them to sign up for more.

If they like what they see on the site, of course they’ll want to read more as you produce it. So don’t be scared of this method.

Online surfers are becoming more and more wary of entering their email addresses. If you want to build a profitable email list you’ll need to offer a valuable incentive to your new subscribers.

An effective incentive is a highly targeted report.

You can either give this report away free or you can sell it for $10 or so as a low priced lead generator.

You can even create a viral effect by giving away 100% of the commissions to anyone who sells your report.

They get the money; you get the buyers name and email address to add to your list.

There are many other ways to use the report tactic. You may even give your report away completely free with no opt-in required at all. Then offer your prospects the opportunity to opt-in to receive more information at the end of the report. If you’ve provided solid content related to their needs, many of them will opt-in just to get more of what you have to offer.

#4 – Use Professional Cover Graphics Even If You’re Giving Away A Free Report

Keep in mind that when you’re selling information or even giving your reports away, the name of the game is “perceived value”.

Packaging is everything in our society.

Think about how much more you’re willing to spend on a multimedia package with DVD’s and manuals than an ebook. Even if the content is exactly the same, you’ll pay much more for a physical course.

A professionally produced cover graphic can substantially increase the value your prospects place on your report.

Put simply, professional graphics can make your report look like it’s worth $20, $30 or more. So if you’re giving it away or selling it for a low price, you’re going to catch the attention of your prospects.

#5 – Get Your Prospects Eager To Open Your Emails

Another key factor to building that valuable email list is collecting real email addresses and keeping your subscribers constantly opening their emails.

If you’re using a free report to entice them to opt-in, you should only give your new subscribers their free report AFTER they confirm their email address.

With most autoresponders it’s easy enough to automatically redirect your new subscribers to a download page after they confirm their subscription.

But even more important is giving your subscribers a reason to open the emails you send them after they’ve downloaded their free report.

Think about your prospect’s mind set…

You’ve offered a great report for free or at a low price.

As soon as your prospect gets your first follow up email he’s thinking…

“They’ve got my email address now here comes the SPAM!”

There’s a really simple way around this.

Actually give your prospect real, valuable information instead of just pitching to them.

Now instead of dreading your emails your prospect is eager to open and read them.

And as long as your emails are full of quality content you can still promote products and services and make real income out of every email you send.

#6 – Proven Sales Letters Can Make You Many Times the Profit

If you’re putting time and effort into generating a list of niched subscribers you want to get the maximum return. Even if you’re offering a free or inexpensive report, you need to realize that it takes more than a sign-up form to get visitors to hand over their email address.

Taking the time to craft a well written opt-in page/ad or sales letter will pay off.

Limit the hype, add in multimedia and you’ll really see a flood of prospects or clients.

#7 – Research The Best Affiliate Programs In Your Niche

It’s really not worth going to all this trouble if you’re only going to be a one-hit wonder. That means you need to find more than one product or service to promote. You need to spend some quality time finding the best products and services your prospects will be interested in.

Even if you have your own product or service, you need to offer back-end products to your clients. Give them related items that will help them accomplish their goals and you’ll earn more money at the same time.

For example, I do a lot of affiliate mrketing for BlueHost as they have a great payout. So I build helpful sites like this one, https://s3.amazonaws.com/bluehost-promo-coupon/index.html, and every time someone clicks on one of my affiliate links, I get paid 😉

#8 – Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset

Smart marketers have learned that they can make far more money by outsourcing most of the work and spending their time focusing in on the key areas that make the real profits.

The last thing I’m trying to say is that you should do it all on your own.

Instead you can outsource the right tools for your business needs.

These tools include:

  • Quality Niche Reports
  • Follow-up Autoresponder series with good content
  • In-depth Keyword research
  • Awesome opt-in/sales pages
  • Affiliate Research
  • Graphics

So that’s it, the Top 8 Components for earning online.  You can decide if you want to implement them all on your site or just start with one or two. I can virtually guarantee you though that the more of these components you have, the higher your income will go.

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