How to Buy a Domain Name: Startup Guide

A Guide to Buying Your First Domain Name…

What is a Domain name?

First of all a domain name is simply the web address of your website. For example, www.blog-maniac.com, www.google.com, www.triond.com etc.

A good domain name should be as follows:-

Short in length, most probably one or two words.

The name should tell the visitor about your web site’s content.

If possible get a .COM domain (.com being the most respected in search engines)

Buying a good domain name

There are literally thousands of domain registration companies that you can choose from, some of the well known are hostgator.com, godaddy.com, mediatemple.net, siteground.com to name a few.

Deciding a good domain name is probably becoming a tedious task as days are passing because of the sheer number of domains being registered daily. But there are many websites available that will help you choosing a good domain name. Some of the websites that I personally use are :-



After deciding on a domain name visit different domain registration companies website to look for the best cost of the domain name. Sometimes you can find coupons to keep the cost of your domains low. For example, you could look for a DigitalOcean coupon https://domaincouponspro.com/store/digitalocean/ here and save a few bucks.

Then comes the hosting plan. Hosting means the web space you will need to host your files. Some of the best hosting plans are that those include :-

Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth

Disk Space: The amount of disk space that will be given to you by the hosting company to host your files.

Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred to and from your account in one month. Every time someone downloads a 10 KB file from your website, they use 10 KB of bandwidth from your account.

Also, every time someone visits your site, they are downloading the home page and use that much bandwidth.

2. Free Site Builder and SiteStudio Website Building Tools

These are tools to build your website instead of going to a web developer and giving them to build your website. Probably small business website can be easily developed by these tools.

3. Latest cPanel Control Panel

cPanel lets you to manage your website very easily.

4. Most probably good support if something goes wrong

After deciding on the hosting plan clarify various hosting features with the hosting companies support staff that you may not be familiar with.

Note: Clarify each and every aspect before going on to buy your domain name and hosting. If you don’t, you may get addicted and start buying a lot of domains!

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