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Getting Ideas for your Blog Posts

don’t you have a certain place where you brainstorm for posts? How about a certain moment in time when ideas just spark up? Well I do, and I’d like to share them with you! If you’d like, you could follow me. I actually have some fun when I’m brainstorming, you know!

Where to Brainstorm for Blog Posts

As I said, there are some places where I can think freely and get some ideas coming to my mind. Some of you might be surprised, but hey, we are all unique!

1. The mall – Believe it or not, I often go to the mall just to brainstorm — whether it be for blog posts, essays, or other school papers! Why the mall? Simple. It’s because you can see a lot of people doing different activities there. Different topics and ideas then come to my mind when I see people sipping their cup of coffee, walking around with lots of shopping bags, and other whatnots.

I frequently go to the nearest Starbucks to get a frap; it just makes my brain work better. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t really know.

2. My school – I used to do this, but unfortunately I can’t do it right now because… we’re on vacation! Of course, I’ll do it once school starts again. Anyway, when we’re having our lunch break or our snack time, I usually eat fast and think of different topics ideal for posting here. While my friends are talking about either academic-related things or nonsense stuff, I’m observing them, trying to think of something related to my blog and to what they’re doing.

There are also times when the teacher is discussing an interesting lesson, I usually come up with an appropriate topic that can be related to both internet marketing and school.

3. At my desk – As they say, there’s no place like home. Where else could you be more comfortable than your own house? I often sit where I am right now, and simply think of what to write about for like ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes. You can think better when you’re in a comfortable place, so if you would ask me where I find it great to brainstorm, I’d say it’s my desk.

4. Airport lounges – We frequently go to nice, cool, and sometimes weird places. Thus, I often get the chance to be in airport lounges. What I like most about them is that the surroundings are clean, the atmosphere is relaxing, and most of all, I like the silence that lounges have! I often have my laptop with me when we travel, so when we’re waiting for the boarding time, I usually write down some ideas using notepad and think.

5. At parties – This might surprise you, but sometimes, parties bore the hell out of me. I don’t know why, maybe they’re just not the type of parties that I like. So when I go to some boring parties, I just get some food and maybe a glass of juice, then I start thinking of what to post. It sure is better to brainstorm than to be bored the whole time! At least I’m being productive!

When to Brainstorm for Blog Posts

Now you know where I usually brainstorm. It’s time for me to tell you when I brainstorm.

1. When I’m inspired – Inspired meaning when I’m really driven to do something, not “inspired” as in “inhaled”. There are really times when I’m inspired and motivated to write. Perhaps it’s to bring more traffic and exposure to this blog, to make more money online, or maybe just to feel “accomplished” inside. I tend to think better when I’m inspired, so I take advantage of that and I brainstorm right away!

2. When I’m so pissed – Yeah, when I’m super annoyed and pissed off, I usually think of the reasons why I’m pissed. Then after thinking for a bit, I can come up with one or two blog posts because of my current state. Sometimes, you don’t even have to brainstorm anymore. You can just write about what made you so exasperated!

3. When I’m taking a hot shower – I don’t know, but I can think of three or more blog post ideas when I’m taking a hot shower. It’s probably because my body is in a relaxed state. When I’m not stressed, I can brainstorm and think of great post ideas.

That’s about it people. What about you? Where and when do you brainstorm for blog posts?

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